David Swallow's face

David Swallow, PhD Accessibility Engineer
at The Paciello Group

About Me

Currently, an Accessibility Engineer for The Paciello Group. Undertaking accessibility testing and evaluation, WCAG/Section 508 compliance audits, training, user testing and research, to ensure that websites, web applications and mobile apps are usable and accessible by everyone.

Formerly, an academic researcher in human-computer interaction at the University of York, with over ten years' experience of designing, developing and evaluating usable and accessible interactive technologies. Here I gained a PhD in Computer Science, investigating how to integrate accessible web development practices into the existing workflows of professional web developers.

Prior to that, a web developer, creating usable and accessible websites for property professionals.

Former Projects

Worked on Co-Motion, a £1.2m three-year 'Design for Wellbeing' project investigating the links between mobility and wellbeing in older people. Engaged in participatory design methods and rapid prototyping to develop a mobile app for promoting physical activity in older people.

Undertook a field study evaluation of a mobile app for allowing visually impaired people to navigate the "last ten yards" to their destination. The OptiNav project was funded by the Government's Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK).

Developed a "Virtual Workbench" web app for allowing historians to explore medieval charters. Part of the ChartEx project, which was an interdisciplinary and international collaboration between historians and computer scientists in Europe and the US.

Conducted contextual inquiries with web developers from across Europe to examine current practices in relation to web accessibility. Part of the €2.7m EU-funded i2Web project, which developed tools for creating and evaluating accessible websites.

Administered a large online survey with students and educational professionals from across Europe. Delivered training in using the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to professional web developers. Part of the €10.5m EU-funded EU4ALL project, which developed ways to support disabled and older people in education using virtual learning environments and other information and communication technologies.

Selected Publications